Keesha Velasquez - Delegates Coordinator

Keesha is in her 4th year of a Double Bachelor Degree in Asian Studies and Development Studies.

What is your cultural/ethnic heritage and what do you love about it?

 was born and raised in the Southern Philippines on the island of Mindanao until I was 9 years old. I love the food, history and language but my favourite aspect about Filipino culture would have to be the importance of family. Whenever I visit the Philippines, I am always surrounded by my extended family who have shown me the importance of selflessness, loyalty and unconditional love.

Where would you like to travel in Asia and the Pacific regions?

I would love to visit the islands of Indonesia. During the summer I took part in a 6 week language course which was meant to be done in Indonesia but because of the pandemic it was taught online instead. I would really like to use and put to the test the language skills I have learnt. Furthermore, I would like to visit my 'host' university Satya Wacana Christian University and all the lovely teachers who taught me.

Favourite movie from Asia and the Pacific regions? What is it about?

I recently watched an Indonesian horror movie called Impetigore which showcases a traditional form of puppet shadow play called Wayang Kulit but with a scary twist. Definitely worth a watch.

What issue in Asia and the Pacific regions are you most passionate about/intrigued by?

An issue that I find most intriguing within Asia and the Pacific regions is separatist movements and conflicts. These movements, based on colonial legacies are endemic all throughout Asia and have created divides between minority groups and the ruling classes. I have followed various movements throughout Southeast Asia for quite some time especially the Moro conflict in the Mindanao region. Learning how to resolve these conflicts has been proven difficult and something I find most interesting.


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