Saskia O'George - Media and Marketing

Saskia O'George - Media and Marketing

Saskia is in her third year of Double Bachelor's Degree in Commerce and Arts, majoring in Marketing and Japanese Language.

What is your favourite cuisine from Asia and the Pacific regions?

I’m such a foodie and anyone who knows me can vouch that food pretty much defines me. As much as I love and feel connected to Japanese culture, from learning the language for 7 years, to being raised on umeboshi plums and toasted nori sheets, Japanese cuisine doesn’t quite take the cake. For me, Thai food is just on another planet. The fresh and intense flavours, the bright colours, the spice and the sweet/sour balance – it's just everything food should be and more. I’m yet to find a Thai restaurant that blows me away in Canberra, so if you have any recommendations, do reach out!

What issue in Asia and the Pacific regions are you most passionate about/intrigued by?

There are so many injustices and lost histories within the Asia and the Pacific regions that deserve to be spoken of, but for me the recognition and preservation of the Indigenous Ainu people of Japan is what I’m most passionate about. After learning Japanese throughout high school and university, you’d think I’d be familiar with the minority group, but no, they’ve never once been mentioned. I was shocked and appalled when I stumbled upon the existence of the Ainu people in the YouTube black hole, and I couldn’t breeze past them the same way so many people had. I’m determined to find a way to help revitalise Indigenous languages and cultures both here in Australia and Japan and I hope that I can one day partner with these communities to make a difference.

What was last TV show you binge watched?

I just finished Game of Thrones last week. It was as magical as it was disappointing, but I’m so glad I decided to make the commitment to it. I finished the whole series in about 3 months, which included working full time throughout the summer, so to say I was dedicated is an understatement. I’m sad that it's over, and I don’t feel like I’m ever going to watch a show that has such great characters and storyline (albeit the rough ending) which is heartbreaking, but I’ve been enjoying binge-watching all the YouTube videos that I’ve had to frantically scroll past for the last 3 months, so I guess it never really ends.


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