Vidit Thakkar - Deputy Director (Finance)

vidit thakkar

Vidit is in his 5th year of a Bachelor of International Relations (Honours).

What is your cultural/ethnic heritage and what do you love about it?

My heritage is Indian, and I love the colourful history behind the food, language, and culture. In particular, I am fascinated by how different external influences over the country’s immense history have intermingled with local cultures. These influences are still visible in the country’s many different languages, rituals, demographics, and overall culture.

Where would you like to travel in Asia and the Pacific regions?

I would like to travel to Bhutan and North-East India. From mountains to dense jungles, the dramatic landscapes in the region are alluring to me. In addition, I have always wanted to see India’s Siliguri Corridor, a stretch of land that is about 22 kms wide and is bordered by Nepal and Bangladesh on either side.

What issue in Asia and the Pacific regions are you most passionate about/intrigued by?

Currently, my research focusses on shifting power between China, the United States and India. In future, I would also like to focus on the increasing importance of Pacific Island states in Asia and the Pacific regions.

What is your favourite book and why?

At the moment, my favourite book is Arthashastra, a treatise on classical economics, political science, ethics and Hindu philosophy. The book was composed during Maurya empire by Kautilya, who was King Chandragupta Maurya’s Chief Minister.


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